Galloway Steading - A little taste of Scotland in Texas
Galloway Steading - A little taste of Scotland in Texas

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To understand our background is to understand the values that we bring to how we do business and to the goods that we provide to you from Galloway Steading. 


Dr Tom Gilmour and Mrs Elizabeth Gilmour

Tom is a native of Galloway in South West Scotland raised on a working farm in the uplands areas of the county of Kirkcudbrightshire. These early days instilled a sense of hard work, strong family values and a deep resepct for people animals and the environment around him. These values are fundamental to the area and never a second thought is given to them, it is simply the way life is. Despite having moved away from the region for education and career these values have remained absolute with Tom throughout his life and travels around the world to where he now lives in South East Texas with his wife Elizabeth. A love of the region remains deeply engrained! 


Elizabeth is a native of New Orleans and having been raised with with good old Southern values and hospitality as second nature there is exceptional alignment in the outlook which this couple have on life and how it impacts people and their environment. Elizabeth has a creer as a highly successful exercise physiologist utilizing her deep knowledge of the human body and its movement to assist people live fuller lives. 


About Galloway 


A Cradle of Christianity and an early "White House"

Galloway is a very rural region in South West Scotland and and is known as the cradle of Christianity in Scotland since the days of St Ninian (4-5th centuries) coming ashore at modern day Whithorn on the Solway coast. He built a small chruch in the region called "Candida Casa" or "White House" just a few centuries before the other one on Pennsylvannia Avenue. 


A rural population focused on agriculture

Galloway has very much a  rural population with only one town exceeding a population of 5,000 people. Over 70% of the land is given over to agiriculture and another 25% is in natrural woodland or agriforesty. It is home to the world reknowned Galloway cattle, which includes the famous belted variety, many of these excellent natural slow maturing beef cattle have been exported to the United States, including Texas,  and are a source of prime beef. 



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