Galloway Steading Farm: A little bit of Scotland in Texas
Galloway Steading Farm: A little bit of Scotland in Texas
A wee bit of Scotland in Texas
A wee bit of Scotland in Texas

Border Collie Breeding

Tom has a lifetime of experience with Border Collies, firstly as a child brought up with working dogs for sheep and cattle on a Scottish hill farm and ever since has had one or more of these outstanding creatures as pets in his home. 

Tom and Elizabeth now have 4 Border Collies, Juno and Flynn as pets and a breeding male, Brodie, and Nell the female puppy who they expect to breed when she matures. 


All dogs are from excellent lineage with both sets of parents of Nell and Brodie being working sheep dogs in Oklahoma who themselves  are from direct lineage champion herding trials dogs from the heartland of the Border Collie and its origins in Scotland and Northern England.


Please contact us to get an update on breeding plans and to discuss your interest. We expect puppies from Brodie and Nell to be highly driven and ideal as working dogs and for agility. These are special dogs which require a high level of quality engagement if they are to have a happy and contented life. They must be continually challenged with a "job" and require a lot of interaction and stimulation from their human companion. For the sake of yourself and that of the puppy we closely assess all potential owners to ensure that they are a good match.


Please read our introduction to Border Collies for some insight to the breed and its needs.


Brodie was born Ocober 2014 and we have had him since 8 weeks old. He has an excellent temparament with people and animals. He is as good an example of the Border Collie breed as you will come across exhibiting all of the breeds strong positive traits.


His very friendly demeanor endears him to everybody and can be something of the clown prince of the pack and always active or looking for something to engage him. 




Nell is still developing, born December 2015, but is exhibiting the level of behavior and breed tendencies expected from the quality of her lineage. She is an excellent temparament and plays hard, sleeps long! 


Despite her young age, she is strong, fearless and assertive which are all key attrributes of a good Border Collie whether for a working environment or as a pet. 


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