Galloway Steading Farm: A little bit of Scotland in Texas
Galloway Steading Farm: A little bit of Scotland in Texas
A wee bit of Scotland in Texas
A wee bit of Scotland in Texas

‘Stir Crazy Duck & Goose©️‘ Recipe Blogger: What's New

TWe are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Stay up-to-date on our latest company Egg products, recipes, and the first “Stir Crazy Duck & Goose Recipe Cookbook”©️, and any Waterfowl news and pricing right here.

Stir Crazy Duck & Goose Products

Our Stir Crazy Duck Egg pricing:

*2 Dozen: $16.00

*1 Dozen: $9.00

*Half Dozen: $5.00

*All our Ducks and Geese are humanely raised and loved as our pets, pasture free roaming with large pond access, Organic feed along with their own cleaned crushed up eggs shells (the girls go nuts for them), fresh water daily in their Duck & Goose yard and coop.

*Prices are subject to change.

*Call ahead to reserve your eggs, as we typically run out toward the weekends.

The Yolks and Amino Acids

~The yolks have everything to do with taste, and Duck & Goose eggs are loaded with amino acids. The picture to the left is a Duck egg. 

~Our farm is still waiting on the very first Goose Eggs to come rolling on through which should happen in springtime 2019.

Stir Crazy Duck & Goose Recipes Coming Soon...

All recipes start with only the freshest organic eggs and vegetables 

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